Simple and effective ajax library documentation

Why use this library?
How to install ajax library
How use it?

Why use this library?

There is a lots of ajax libraries out there. This libraries are also so complete. Some uses functions that are only supported by the last Javascript's version. Also the complexity of these libraries is the problem because there are some navigator in some versions of some operating systems (Normally Internet Explorer and Windows) that all this libraries may fail.

To avoid that, Simple and effective ajax library is released. This library aims to be a very small, easy to read and using well know and secure javascript functions in order to work at any software combination possible.

Actually Rentalia Holidays, company witch developed this library, is testing it with less problems than others website is fully implementing it.

How to install this library

How to use it

Ajax library actually just have one funcion:


url is the URL witch content you want to download. It has to be absolute URL. You can also add paremeters in the URL if needed.
functiontoreturn Is the funcion witch is going to receive the data. It will recieve one parameter with is the plain text data.


	<script type="text/javascript">
	var url = '/rpc/somewebpage.php?lang=en';
	functiontoreturn = "oneFuncion";
	function oneFuncion(plainText){

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